May 24, 2024

BTS member Jungkook, currently serving in the South Korean military, opened up about group members’ habits and personal quirks in a candid interview. From calling himself a perfectionist to dubbing J-Hope as a fashionista, Jungkook shared insights into BTS’s dynamics and individual traits.

BTS’ Jungkook on members’ traits and personal habits

BTS maknae Jungkook opened up about group dynamics and personal quirks within BTS, in a recently revealed interview. Despite his absence from the group due to military service, Jungkook’s insights shed light on the camaraderie among BTS members.

In the interview with SiriusXM, Jungkook shared various superlatives, attributing the title of ‘fashionista’ to J-Hope and describing himself, along with J-Hope and RM, as the ‘life of the party’. Reflecting on their busy schedules, Jungkook noted the rarity of opportunities for the group to gather, emphasizing the importance of cherished moments together.

When discussing emotional moments on stage, Jungkook identified Jimin as the member most likely to display deep sentimentality, highlighting his captivating presence during performances. However, Jungkook admitted to his own emotional tendencies, expressing his commitment to perfectionism while acknowledging his imperfections.

Jungkook also offered insights into V’s spontaneous singing habits, portraying him as the quintessential karaoke companion who never relinquishes the mic. Additionally, Jungkook revealed personal quirks such as his penchant for jewelry due to his piercings and tattoos.

Despite his military service, Jungkook’s interview demonstrates his enduring connection to BTS and their dedicated fanbase, ARMY. Last year, Jungkook bid farewell to fans with a heartfelt message on Weverse, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support throughout his career.

As Jungkook continues his military service, fans eagerly anticipate his return and future endeavors with BTS. His candid revelations serve as a testament to the strong bonds within the group and their enduring impact on the global music scene.

More details about Jungkook’s solo career

In 2022, Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth on Left and Right, reaching No. 22 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He made history with Dreamers, the first South Korean FIFA World Cup soundtrack song. In 2023, Jungkook’s debut solo single Seven featuring Latto dominated charts, becoming the fastest song to hit 1 billion Spotify streams. His follow-up, 3D with Jack Harlow, also soared to the top. Jungkook’s solo debut album GOLDEN and third single, Standing Next to You, dropped on November 3, further solidifying his status as a global solo sensation.

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