June 20, 2024

Take your music career up a level with these powerful marketing tools that are easy to use – some of them are even free!

Looking to supercharge your music marketing without breaking the bank? The biggest challenge as a musician is reaching new audiences authentically without going broke on marketing. Thankfully, there are loads of great tools you can utilise in your career.

We’ve compiled the very best of them, including a selection of incredible tools from the powerhouse marketing platform PUSH.fm. What’s more, many of them are free to get started with. Let’s dive in:

Promotional Powerhouse: A one-stop shop

PUSH.fm is an astonishing resource for artists and creators of all kinds. It has a number of different tools that you can use to promote your releases and deepen your connections with fans new and old. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with PUSH.fm:

  • Smart Links: Get all of the links to your music in one place with Smart Links. It’s a one-stop page where you can add links to social media pages and music streaming service profiles. This makes sharing your pages clean and easy, helping grow your audience with easy clicks.
  • Pre-Saves: Build hype for your upcoming release and get listeners to save it to their libraries ready for release day. With Pre-Saves, you can provide a link to your fans where they can save your music in advance of its release on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.
  • Reward Links: Get people flocking to your pages and strengthen your connection with fans using this unique tool. Reward Links provide a page where you can offer visitors something exclusive like a downloadable file or an unlockable URL. In return, you can ask them to like your social pages or follow you on streaming services to build your following.
  • Pay Links: Earn extra revenue and offer fans something special. Pay Links let you create a product page where fans can instantly download something for a price of your choosing.
  • Competitions: Gather a crowd and get people excited with a special reward. PUSH.fm’s competitions give you an easy way to provide a landing page where people can enter into a competition in which you choose the prize. The more it’s shared, the more attention you get!
  • Real-Time Analytics: Watch exactly how your campaigns are performing with in-depth, real-time analytics. These stats are vital to adjusting your approach and only putting effort and money into the methods that get you results.

You can make use of many of PUSH.fm’s features completely free! Here’s what you can do for free on PUSH.fm:

  • Unlimited Smart Links
  • Unlimited Pre-Saves
  • Unlimited Reward Links
  • Up to 1GB of storage

For just $5 a month, you can upgrade to Push.FM’s Premium plan and earn even more ways to advance your music career:

  • All you get free +
  • Competitions
  • 50GB account storage
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Email Collection
  • Meta Pixel integration

PUSH.fm are growing their services as we speak, so you can join the platform now and look forward to regular new features to make use of.

Head to PUSH.fm now and begin the next step of your music career.

Content Creation Champions: Make stunning designs with ease

You might feel like you need a design degree to make beautiful assets for promotion but that’s thankfully far from the truth! There are a plethora of easy to use tools that will empower you to become a design whizz. One of the best is actually entirely free!

Canva is our top choice, offering a free in-browser platform that helps you in everything from designing good looking album covers and social media graphics to event flyers and merchandise. Canva is packed with templates, stock photos, and fonts to help you create professional-looking visuals. Their music-specific resources and tutorials make it a perfect fit for musicians.

Canva is free to use and easy to get to grips with at canva.com.

Track your music analytics

One of the greatest tools you can make use of is your data. When you use RouteNote for Free and Premium music distribution, you get an in-depth report every month of how your music is performing on every platform.

A lot of services will even offer their own artist platform. This means that when your music is uploaded through RouteNote, you can view real-time analytics and dive deep inside the data of who your audience is. Platforms like Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists offer in-depth results.

But how do you use artist analytics as a marketing tool?

Your data reveals exactly who your audience are: Where they come from, what age they are, and which releases they listen to.

You can use this information to enhance your music. For example, seeing which releases are connecting with listeners the most can inform the sound you go for on future releases. Knowing the locations of your fans is a great way to book live concerts, knowing you have an audience where you’re going. With the age-range that your music most resonates with in mind you can focus on gaining traction on platforms that that generation are most likely to be on.

Sign up for free music distribution to the worlds top services at www.routenote.com.

Marketing Maestro: Make your marketing efforts easier

The idea of writing out a bunch of emails to individually send out, creating new posts across every social media platform, and keeping it all up regularly probably sounds exhausting. Thankfully, there is a platform out there just for you to make reaching out to the world easy.

Hootsuite is like your personal roadie for social media – you can tell them what to do and they’ll do the hard graft. It lets you manage your presence across all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), and even TikTok!

Here’s how Hootsuite will help you expand your reach with ease:

  • Streamlined Scheduling: No more scrambling to post at peak times. Schedule your content in advance, ensuring a steady flow of awesome music updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and tour announcements. This lets you focus on what you do best – creating!
  • Multi-Platform Mastery: Juggling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can feel like playing air guitar with three necks. Hootsuite lets you manage them all simultaneously, saving you precious time and mental energy.
  • Conversation Conductor: Never miss a fan comment or question again! Hootsuite keeps you organized, allowing you to respond to messages and engage with your audience in one centralized location. This builds relationships and keeps your fans feeling loved.
  • Analytics Anthem: Want to know what kind of content resonates with your audience? Hootsuite tracks your post performance, giving you insights into what gets the most likes, shares, and clicks. This data helps you tailor your future content for maximum impact.
  • Collaboration Groove: Are you a band with multiple members managing social media? Hootsuite allows for team collaboration, so everyone can contribute and stay in sync. No more social media silos, just a unified voice for your music.

Hootsuite even features Canva integration, so you can easily promote your eye-catching designs across socials.

Hootsuite offers you a free trial to get started, however they sadly dropped their full free plan last year. Use it to see if you like it and whether it’s worth investing in a monthly subscription for you. If it’s not, try cheaper alternatives like Buffer which offers a free tier for social sharing.

Found some great marketing tools that have advanced your career which we didn’t mention? Share the love and leave them in the comments below.


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